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HD Brows at Carter Beauty Blackrock

HD Brows - High Definition Brows - 1st Treatment €50.00
HD Brows - High Definition Brows - Subsequent Treatments €35.00

NB: You must be patch tested for HD Brows 24-48 hours before treatment.

Vamp HD Brows at Carter Beauty


Once you've tried this celebrity brow treatment, you'll love your new brows so much there'll be no turning back!

The 7 Steps to Perfect HD Brows:

* Assesing/ Designing: a Carter Beauty Brow Artist will asses a client's face shape to determine the best brow shape to suit their features.

* Tinting; a high definition tint is use to highlight or even out eyebrow colour.

* Waxing; a specially blended wax is used to remove hair from the area followed by an after-wax lotion.

* Threading; threading helps to blend hairs into the brow area.

* Tweezing; any stray leftover hairs are tweezed for a flawless line.

* Trimming; scissors are used to trim unruly hairs to create a streamlined look.

* Finishing; the treated skin is soothed using an antiseptic skin calming tonic. Mineral powders are applied to calm any redness, any gaps are filled in with eyebrow pencil or an eyebrow palette.

The before and after photographs above were taken by Carter Beauty Brow Artists and are the property of Carter Beauty. All images are copyrighted. Images 4,5,8 &15 are the property of HD Brows and are also copyrighted.

HD Brows Aftercare:

Perfect brows demand perfect care.

* Please inform your HD Brow stylist immediately if you experience any of the following; prolonged swelling, itchy rash, bruising, skin grazing, cuts or tearing so they can advise the correct treatment.

To ensure your brows are longlasting and stay beautiful, proper care and maintenance is required.

* Avoid the use of sun beds, swimming pools, saunas and products containing perfume for 24 hours after the procedure.

* Do not apply self tanning products directly to the brow area as this may alter the tint colour.

* Avoid the use of make-up around the brows other than mineral make-up for 24 hours.

* Avoid harsh exfoliating products and skin thinning agents for 72 hours.

* Avoid harsh make-up cleansing products on the brow to prolong colour retention.

* Avoid tweezing in between appointments particularly in areas where your stylist has advised re-growth.

Scouse Brow. No Way! HD BROWS - The perfect way to get this seasons hottest full brow

It is official everyone is obsessed with brows! I remember a time when I would have to convince my skinny-browed-clients to let me fill their brows to make them look more youthful. Now a days I am frequently asked: “Will you fill in my brows” even before we get started with a makeup.

Emma Farrell Blog HD Brows


Anna Daly HD Brows at Carter Beauty Blackrock

Anna Daly - TV Presenter

'There's been a real buzz about HD Brows of late and with every make-up artist telling us that brows are key to frame the entire face, I had to find out what all the fuss was about! Love the results - I'm converted!'

Twitter: 'So this is a girlie tweet, sorry lads! Finally, I see what all the fuss is about, ta for my hdbrows gals @carterbeauty'

'Ask for Katie to do them (hdbrows) if you're going to @carterbeauty.'

Anna Daly HD Brows at Carter Beauty Blackrock Dubl

Triona McCarthy - Sunday Independent Life Magazine

'Put down the tweezers ladies! Seriously - nothing is more ageing than over-pluckedeyebrows. Strong brows are a big trend, so it's time to ensure yours are framing your face and look fabilis. Remember your eyebrows are part of your personality, with more than 70 per cent of your facial expressions depending on them. The perfect eyebrow shape varies from person to person, but fuller eyebrows with a high arch suit all faces. Even the Duchess of Cambridge has been sporting heavier brows of late. However if the damage is already done and you've over-plucked, maybe you should try HD Brows. This is a seven step eyebrow-shaping treatment that involves tinting, waxing and threading. Monica Tolan in Balbriggan is doing it as is Carter Beauty in Blackrock.'

HD Brows Triona McCarthy Life Magazine Carter Beau

Bright & Beautyfull! with Susan Conley

HD Brows: In Which I Get the Eyebrows of My Dreams28
 ‘Open your eyes.’

I opened them, to see two intent faces peering into mine. It was like that shot in a hospital TV show, from the POV of the trolley*: the surgeons are huddled over a patient, a patient that they have maybe just zapped back to life, and they are ensuring said patient’s consciousness. I wasn’t in A&E, and the two intent faces belonged to eyebrow artists; despite the lack of cardio machines or whatever, this was something of a crisis situation, and it was about to be resolved. Categorically.

HD Brows Sue Conley Before - Carter Beauty
HD Brows Sue Conley After - Carter Beauty

Irish beauty blogging with a dash of American opinionation!

Alison Canavan HD Brows at Carter Beauty Blackrock

Alison Canavan talks about her HD Brows experience in Carter Beauty :

"HD brows suit everyone as they're tailored to you individually. I feel
groomed and being a busy mum I've one less thing to do each morning! Your eyebrows define your face. They can put years on or take years off. I feel fresh and young. It's hard to believe my eyebrows have made such a
difference. Everyone shod treat themselves. Definitely my desert island
beauty pick!!"


HD Brows Michelle McGrath - Carter Beauty Blackroc

Michelle McGrath on her HD Brows experience in Carter Beauty:

'I'm so happy with my new HD Brows, can't believe the difference they have made to my face. I think they totally shape your face and I love the shape and fact I don't need to pencil my brows any longer. The experience is quick and I didn't experience any pain and my therapist Katie was great and put me at ease!'

adoreabubbles blog logo
HD Brows Before Pic - Adoreabubbles - Carter Beaut

Review - HD Brows - Carter Beauty Blackrock

Last week I mentioned that I had booked myself into Carter Beauty to get my eyebrows done. It was not going to be a quick wax and tweeze type of affair for I had booked myself in for HD Brows.. ooh la la!

I preformed the patch test 24 hours beforehand and I was delighted my arm didn't fall off. I was greeted with a friendly hello when I entered the salon in Blackrock where I was then seated to fill out a few details about my past brow history. The lovely brow artist and beauty therapist doing my brows was @katie and she brought me into the room where I was getting my treatment done.

Fluff & Fripperies

Layla Flaherty HD Brows Carter Beauty Blackrock

Beauty Blogger Emma Henderson

Desperate Scousewife Layla Flaherty receives a brow make-under with HD Brows!

The HD Brow is not the same as the Scouse Brow.

That was cleared up for me on my visit to Carter Beauty this weekend, to try out the hottest beauty treatment on the block: High Definition Brows.

Salon owner Marissa Carter explained that there was confusion even amongst her staff on this point - until they underwent the training. To clarify, Scouse brows are the very harsh, painted-on brows made famous by E4 series Desperate Scousewives...

HD Brows Before & After - Carter Beauty Blackrock

Set of HD Brows done by Claire in Carter Beauty Blackrock.

Beauty Buzz - HD Brows


Beauty Blogger Joanne Larby gives the low down on HD Brows on her blog joannelarby.com

The hottest thing in beauty right now is coming to Carter Beauty and it’s set to both transform your face and take years off you. No, it's not another anti-ageing cream, but the highly sought after HD Brows that famously frame the face. For those of you who don't know, HD Brows take brows to a new art form with their unique, seven-step eyebrow shaping treatment focusing on design to enable you to express yourself through your brows. Arched, natural, pencil thin, or over-plucked, it doesn't matter what shape your brows are in as the HD Brows treatment will ensure you have the ultimate well-groomed, high-definition eyebrows. Involving an innovative combination of tinting, waxing and threading HD Brows puts celebrity beauty within everybody’s reach. Brows are back in a big way this season too and perfectly groomed, filled in brows made a statement on the SS12 catwalks.

Some more info on HD Brows from Marissa...

'We have tried to build a good gallery of before and after pictures of the HD Brows we've been doing in Carter Beauty so that you can see for yourself the difference they can make to your brows.

We have helped clients who have very very fine or light eyebrows achieve a fuller look.

We have helped clients who have very unruly brows achieve a more streamlined, neater look.

We have helped clients who have no real problems with their brows but just wanted a better shape.

We look forward to helping you achieve your perfect brow!'